Från naturen, till naturen

Hållbart återbruk av träd.

Med naturen som arbetsplats

Ravenwood är en del av Jacksons Trädvård, vilka är specialister på träd- och naturvård. Vi tar tillvara på det trä- och restmaterial som uppstår i vår verksamhet. Genom återbruk skapar vi unika och intresseväckande produkter, inspirerade av naturen.

Kontakta oss! 


Lokalt producerat

Vi tillverkar figurer för lek och lära, möbler för trivsel och gemenskap, mulmholkar, fågeholkar och död ved för ökad artdiversitet. Varje produkt har lokalt ursprung, är handtillverkad med omsorg och anpassad efter området där den ska placeras. Med hjälp av vårt mobila sågverk kan vi ta hand om material på plats och undvika onödiga transporter.

Se några av våra referensuppdrag.

Bara fantasin sätter stopp

Tillsammans med våra kunder, vilka är både företag, föreningar, kommuner och privat personer skapar vi hållbara produkter och lösningar som bjuder in till möten och skapar mervärde för både natur och människor. Bli inspirerad och låt oss skapa tillsammans!

Ladda ned vårt produktblad


  • Coming soon……. See if you can spot the odd one out. - - #fox #chainsawcarving #spanishwaterdog #oakcarving

  • What better way to showcase our new, simple pentagonal grill benches than with Beanie running around on them. She’s always good for twenty extra likes. - - #grillplats #bbq #beoutdoors #fikapaus #spanishwaterdog

  • We sell a lot of these stump grinder sofas. We are sure you all must be sick of seeing them by now, but we love making them and we think they look great! The contrast in colour between the heartwood and sapwood is amazing. This one is, in our opinion, definitely the best one we’ve…

  • A customer ordered these blocks of elm 60x60x40. We have no idea what they are or what they’re gonna do with them but we think they look pretty cool. Ask no questions, get no lies. - - #woodblock #planking #woodmilling #milling #cube #woodyard #elm

  • We found this leather back ground beetle crawling around at the wood yard today. At about 3cm long, it gave us quite a fright. An insect of that size could easily take a finger off! - - #carabuscoriaceus #beetle #giantbeetle #swedishbeetle #creepycrawly #fantasticbeasts

  • Just a quick zoom around the wood yard and some men at work. Danny slicing up what we think is probably some Douglas fir and Patrick beautifying some fox sculptures. - - #menatwork #woodyard #logosol_portable_sawmills #logosol #planking #sanding #chainsawcarving #woodsculpture

  • On Beanie’s morning walk this morning we happened across these wonderful black trumpets about 80 meters into the forest behind the tip. The more we looked the more we found. Beanie was a great help as she stomped around crushing everything in sight. Mushroom on toast for lunch today we think. - - #mushrooms #blacktrumpet…

  • Ok, our first day back from holiday and we are all naturally feeling a bit unmotivated. But our first job back has been finishing the second part of our Smeddsudsbadet job. When we got to the job site we were amazed to discover that the squirrel totem we finished right before our holidays had turned…

  • This giant seven meter tall elm totem will probably be the last post before our much needed summer holidays. Whilst everyone else on the beach were lazing around, swimming, drinking and generally chilling, we were sweating and sawdust covered in the blazing sun. It’s been a lot of hard work but we are pretty pleased…

  • You may remember, a few posts ago, we had Mr. Biscuit and his stump grinder carving out some log bench for us. After a bit of spit and polish, they have now been delivered and installed at Smeddsudsbadet on Kungsholmen. We are super pleased to have the opportunity to place our creations in such a…

  • It’s not you, it’s us. We used to have the all singing, all dancing, super deluxe B1001 model bandsaw mill by @logosol_portable_sawmills with all it’s hi tech super computing capabilities. It is an absolute belter of a machine. We can’t fault it. However……. At ravenwood it has become apparent that we are a bunch of…

  • Our last sculpture for Nobelpark has finally been installed! This terrifyingly large tawny owl sitting right on the top of the mountain surveying the area for lone picnic-ers and anyone who strays from there herd. There are now wonderful signs close by all the sculptures with information pertaining to each animal, bird and bug. Please…