Från naturen, till naturen

Hållbart återbruk av träd.

Med naturen som arbetsplats

Ravenwood är en del av Jacksons Trädvård, vilka är specialister på träd- och naturvård. Vi tar tillvara på det trä- och restmaterial som uppstår i vår verksamhet. Genom återbruk skapar vi unika och intresseväckande produkter, inspirerade av naturen.

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Lokalt producerat

Vi tillverkar figurer för lek och lära, möbler för trivsel och gemenskap, mulmholkar, fågeholkar och död ved för ökad artdiversitet. Varje produkt har lokalt ursprung, är handtillverkad med omsorg och anpassad efter området där den ska placeras. Med hjälp av vårt mobila sågverk kan vi ta hand om material på plats och undvika onödiga transporter.

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Bara fantasin sätter stopp

Tillsammans med våra kunder, vilka är både företag, föreningar, kommuner och privat personer skapar vi hållbara produkter och lösningar som bjuder in till möten och skapar mervärde för både natur och människor. Bli inspirerad och låt oss skapa tillsammans!

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Vi har kapacitet att hantera stora och massiva material. Med våra maskiner kan vi såga upp det material ni har att tillgå alternativt det ni önskar beställa från oss. Välkommen att kontakta oss för mer information.


  • Menagerie. Here’s a sneaky peek at our latest project. It may look like a tangle of animal body parts right now but stay tuned to see the end result when we install it later in the month. (Weather permitting) - - #menagerie #animals #chainsawcarving #oakcarving

  • Due to the winter wonderland this week, we haven’t managed to build much apart from a boring green fence which isn’t worth sharing. So we thought we’d show a blast from the past. This weeping elm set lives in @jacksonstradvard HQ. It’s been knocking around for a few years now but we’ve never posted any…

  • Stockholm has had about 60cm of snow (two feet in old money) over the last two and a half days! We got to the tip this morning to find our lovely new roof in danger of collapsing under the weight of snow. But like all Ravenwood builds, it stood up to the challenge. It took…

  • Picnic table with a view. We’ve been traveling to and from Norrtälje all this week to a largely forgotten, overlooked and bizarre silver spruce forest which has recently been thinned. So using the planks we cut from the felled trees we’ve built a hexagonal table and bench an the edge of the forest, on a…

  • Here at Ravenwood we only manage to recycle about 1% of all the material that comes through our wood yard. The other 99% goes through “The Chipper!” and is then sent to the power station. We try and time the chipping process to fall in between nesting and hibernation seasons as the giant pile of…

  • Helping house Stockholm’s insects. Our giant oak mulmholks and hollow oak log insect hotels continue to be very popular with our customers and the local insect population. Danny and Patrick were out in the woods setting these up on the only sunny day this week. - - #mulmholk #insecthotel #woodland #nature #helpingnature #homefornature #lovenature #lovebugs…

  • Winter is late this year here in Stockholm, but you know it’s on it’s way when the waxwings arrive. Definitely one of our favorite winter birds. Keep an eye out for them feeding on berries in the rowans and hawthorns. - - #winterscoming #waxwing #winterbirds

  • Putting off the boring jobs. We’ve been meaning to build a shelving rack to store our planks on for about three years now. Well, we finally got around to it this week. Maybe sometime in the next three years we’ll feel inspired enough to load all our ridiculously heavy planks on to it. To cheer…

  • Rhinoceros beetles. We were throwing some wood chip around at the wood yard today, trying to soak up some of the mud, and we came across a load of these wee beasties. They really love it here, living amongst all this decaying wood. We gathered up all we could find and transferred them to a…

  • New kid on the block. If Patrick knew that he was gonna be doing nothing but sanding giant elm lumps all week and into the foreseeable future, he might not have been so keen on taking the job. However, it turns out he loves it and he’s really really good at it! Fantastic mr. Fox…

  • Welcome to paradise! This week we thought we’d give you all a bit of a guided tour around our wood yard. You’ve seen it as a backdrop to our other posts but it’s never taken center stage. There are mountains of material arriving everyday. We try and grab the best bits and put them on…

  • Fox of the day. It’s a real safari here at the wood yard at the moment. Today we were visited by our very tame fox. We’ve seen him sneaking around before but never as close-up as this! - - #fox #urbanwildlife #beautifulcreatures